Our club is governed on the principles of Waldorf pedagogy. It is a private organization/club, where the parents of our children become members, when joining.
We do a interview with parents of each child who is about to join our club and it is good when the child comes as well. Based on how the child responses to our teacher, and on other circumstances (e.g. vacancies, group structure), we decide whether we can include her to our group. With all children we have a two month trial period, where both sides – the kindergarten or the parent – can terminate the membership in our club at any time.
We are able to enrol children from age 3 upwards.
We have open 11 months of the year (5 weeks summer holidays) and we have closed on public holidays and on weekends
The membership fee covers all costs and activities for the child and there are not any extra payments.  We offer art, craft, sport and music activities as part of our daily program, we go two times per day to our garden or the nearby wood, celebrate yearly (christian) festivals.
We do not provide any clothing for children, so you have to bring your own, for indoor activities, for rest/sleep time as well as for outdoor.

Our house with a nice apple orchard is situated in the vicinity of the town forest park Železná studnička and is ideally located to be easily reached by car (from highways D2 and D1 as well as from the bypass) and by city transportation.

Our opening hours are 7,30 to 17,00.

We speak english and/or german.

For more information in English or if you like to visit our club, you can arrange a meeting with us per e-mail jablonka(at)iwaldorf.sk or per telephone 00421 905 754 450 (3 p.m. and later)

We look forward to see you!

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